About Us

Biziports is...

A full-spectrum digital marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) that effortlessly combines blog, e-commerce, live-event, and seminar registration into one seemless platform.

It started out as a simple conversation on a front stoop during a lazy summer evening.

One described how he was standardizing e-commerce order export data. The other discussed the state of his e-commerce projects after a shake-up. A shared idea, a couple sips of tea & and a collaboration led them down the well-worn path to their dream: a perfect Internet marketing / advertising intranet upon which a team can quickly, simply & succinctly conduct daily business. Those porch sessions inspired a project name for their dream: BiziPorts.

A full service, do-it-yourself web design & marketing tool whose goal is to become so easy to use that your boss’s degenerate teenager can use it without training when they come back to intern during the summer and with backup in case they delete everything, again, BiziPorts low cost, pro-rated managed service positions itself as the ideal solution for entities who conduct online activities.

About BiziPorts' Founders

The two conducting those aforementioned front porch sessions were BiziPorts' co-founders,  Chris Bake & Nat Finn , road-tested Internet marketers who still suffer the phantom pains from making sure e-commerce projects were ready, tested and running by the time clients multi-million dollar advertising campaigns were running. Their fermented knowledge & incomparable experiences have been filtered into a rich, tasty concoction that centralizes all the necessary products and services that both small & medium-sized businesses need to grow a formidable online presence and that savvy internet marketers can use to test their online strategies.