If you're attending Startup Weekend Northwest Indiana's inaugural event in Spring 2014 and you are reading this, it's probably because your coach, Chris Bake, is showing you what we're working on. 

Yup, we're a startup as well. We live and breathe the life.

Please excuse the mess. We're finally taking the look serious. It's 6:21am out here on the California cost. Y'all have already started the Saturday session. I will be taking a short nap before I get back to finishing:

  • adding forms
  • adding page content
  • fixing the pagination (you're coach might have to help me)
  • editing, spell checking..
  • setting up the tutorial site
While the designers will be working on livening up the colors someone. We have a list.

Always with the lists.

Anyway, thank you for taking a peak. This won't be as ready as it will be the end of the day. And it won't be as ready tonight as it will be tomorrow. So goes the startup life.

If you decide to take Coach Bake's advice and start building a site on here, let me know. We'd be delighted to help in any way we can.

And, most importantly: have some fun at Startup Weekend this weekend.


Finn and the West Coast crew.