Sometimes it's a good thing to migrate a website over to a new system, one page at a time

Sometimes it's a good idea to migrate a website over to a brand new system, one page at a time. Mind you, it's not fun. It's certainly not something we recommend, unless you like a lot of hours of copy & pasting - and if you do, I recommend listening to classic Doctor Who to pass the time. The whole time-saving reason is why we're building a website migrator in BiziPorts. One-page-at-a-time is certainly not the best use of your time, especially if you have a website over 1,000 pages.

But if you find yourself in the position where it’s time to put on your Editor’s glasses, roll up your sleeves, and get to work, there are a few benefits to the one-at-a-time approach versus using a bulk uploader / website migrator.

1 - Audit: get reacquainted with your website

I'd have my suspicions about anyone who says they remember every page of their website. Very few people in the world have an eidetic memory. The rest probably have a cheat sheet to which they refer.

For the rest of us who are more prone to forget a thing or two here or there, migrating a website to a new platform one page at a time gives us the opportunity to go back over it's content. We get to decide what stays in the website, what deserves a rewrite, and what can get toss (with their URL 301 redirected to live links).

2 - Clean Spelling Errors

Believe it or not, somewhere on your website is a spelling error or two. We’d believe it. Somewhere on this page there’s probably a spelling error or two. Whoever wrote it (or from wherever you stole in - cheaters :-P) made a mistake somewhere.

Now is the time to give it a once-over.

Consider this version 2.0.

3 - Remove them dead links

Switching website(s_ over to a new system often comes with a newer, cleaner, more SEO / Google-friendly link architecture. This means the old web pages probably have old links to them somewhere. While now it’s typically best practice to create a document that maps out to where all the old links should be 301 / permanent redirects to, getting as many of them as you can to be a part of the new format is typically the best bet. The less redirects, the better.

Advertising? PR? Events? Time to update the links with a link management system.

Those who use advertising links, affiliate links, and links to events can now start to better manage those links with a link management system. Here at BiziPorts, we have BZP.ME, the URL shortener that allows clients to change the destination of their short URLS, allowing them the freedom to update their destinations year after year.

For example, if you have Company E doing your online event management and ticketing, and you decide to switch to company B , if you used a link management system such as BZP.ME, and made a short link URL to you event such as , you would have had nothing to fear about. All those links that were tweeted, shared on Facebook, posted in your blog(s), and blasted in your email and marketing drip campaigns would have their destinations simply updated in the BiziPorts interface. Then you wouldn’t have had to make those embarrassing follow-up tweets,

"Hey, guys. Sorry. Here’s the super-new link for tix to the conference.”

No better time to start than the present!

5 - Who said repetition and hard work doesn’t bring great results

This is the part of the article where we’re supposed to tell you to go to read " Outliers: The Story of Success, ” and let you know all those hours spent reviewing and uploading aren’t going to waste. But we’d rather warn you that such a task will inevitably suck, but will ultimately be worth it.

Whatever you website / web presence needs

It really comes down to the love and care that’s been put into the website content over the years. If it’s been handled with care, then a quick switch to an enterprise level platform to begin having it work for your business is probably the best way to go. But, if the content has been slopped in, ripped from the headlines - literally, and has been treated haphazardly, it’s time to perform an audit on the content. And that means, one page at a time.

Or, scrap it all and start over.

Every situation is different. Good luck. Let us know what y’all decide(d) to do.